Current Research

Population dynamics of palm squirrels

Funambulus palm squirrels vary in the habitats and elevations they occupy in South India. We examine their adaptations to diverse habitats as well as individual variation in traits. We explore microevolution in expanding and contracting populations, especially in human-dominated/altered landscapes. Funded by: Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Social ecology of Trans-Himalayan small mammals

Marmots and Pikas are small mammals that occur in the Trans Himalayan landscape. Sociality varies across these species, and some species of pika are solitary. We study group composition, demography, individual interactions and adaptations to the local environment in both marmots and pikas.


Diversity of succulent Euphorbias

Collaborators: Dr. Bruce DeJong, Vattacanal Conservation Trust & Dr. Robin Vijayan, IISER Tirupati
We are mapping the occurrence of succulent Euphorbias in India and reconstructing phylogenetic relationships across described species. Some species with disjunct distributions exhibit great morphological variation, and we examine individual variation and plasticity within select species.

Previous Research

Evolution of sexual size dimorphism in gliding mammals

Ecology of flying squirrels in the Western Ghats

Taxonomic identity of the Malabar Civet